Burlington Celebrates 150 years of Canada

2017, Canada’s 150th year.  Celebrations kicked off around the country at the stroke of midnight on January 1st. Big cities are often reserved for the grand events. But this year, smaller ones like Burlington have plans of their own.

We spoke with Denise Beard, Head Coordinator for Burlington’s Canada 150 tansleycelebrations earlier this week.  Things kicked off on New Year’s Day at Tansley Woods. Families attended an afternoon of Canadiana.  They got to hear from Mayor Goldring, MPP Eleanor McMahon and MPs Karina Gould and Pam Damoff regarding some of Burlington’s upcoming plans.

Welcoming Newcomers

There is something moving about seeing new Canadians taking the Oath of Citizenship.  From personal experience, I know how happy my Mother was when after more than 30 years here, she took hers.  This year at the Sound of Music Festival in between the homegrown talent taking the stage, Burlington has something special planned. “We have received federal funding to support a citizenship affirmation ceremony in partnership with the Sound of Music Festival.”  More details to come!

Beard says this holds a special place in heart. “One of the most moving parts is seeing new citizens being sworn in and taking the oath.”  It’s estimated that Burlington took in 30 families from Syria in 2016.

Big Year, Bigger Goals

The Love My Hood Program will play a major role this year as well. The goal is to “Have 150 Love My Hood events hosted by residents over 2017,” says Beard.  The program was launched four years ago, and interest has grown gradually each year. Beard encourages people to spread the word about this program.  The City will assist in planning each event and offers $300 in services such as activity kits which include: tattoos, toys, colouring sheets crayons and a Canada 150 tote bag. There’s more to this and you can find it here.16-677-par-love-my-hood-canada-150-promo-webslider

**Image Courtesy of Burlington.ca**

These are two of many things happening in Burlington this year.  The city’s website has a link to the Canada 150 celebrations.  There you’ll learn about the Mosiac Mural. Burlington is one of 150 cities across Canada to have a mural assembled by Alberta Artists Paul Lavoie and Phil Alain.  The mural will celebrate the Burlington Teen Tour Band who are in the 70th year.  They will bring the community together to paint the tiles used to assemble the mural.  Painting will occur the Sunday and Monday of Victoria Day Weekend. More to come on this!

Beard says that there is one underlying goal for 2017 and that is, “To get people to know the people in their neighbourhood.”


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