Aldershot resident to open specialty market.

Small businesses are creatively efficient.

Unlike big-box department stores that go through a long tedious process to select where to build, they are taken on by ambitious individuals who see a need for them.  Burlington resident, Cindy Thatcher saw a need in the Plains Road and Waterdown Road area.

Thatcher had worked in a small boutique and had attended several BIA (Business Improvement Area) meetings and saw that the area in particular had a need for a market. “I had a vision and I thought, I’m going to do it,” said Thatcher. The BIA is a group of business owners that meets to discuss the needs of particular areas. In the area where the old Mercedes Bez dealership was, developers have built several live-to-work units. A live-to-work unit has been a common sight around Burlington; they’re usually built in sets and have a commercial space below and residential above.  Thatcher sees these units as a sign of the changing vision for Aldershot.

“In five years you probably won’t recognize it!” Thatcher has been a long-time resident of the Aldershot community.  It was her involvement in her community that motivated her to start her market. So she signed on the dotted line for her lease and begun work.

She encountered a few small problems with getting things started.  As they were new units, there wasn’t much completed. So after a few bumps, things were finally underway in her 1000 square-foot space.  Thatcher expects to open mid – end of April.

The name for her market will be Cindi Loo’s, “I’ve been called Cindi Loo for the last 20 years.”  She plans to sell gourmet foods as well as gifts and necessities. Thatcher will take advantage of suppliers to the east and west of the city.

In my experience the Aldershot community has gotten a bad rap.  I know that many I have uncounted people who perceive Aldershot to be a “poorer” part of town.  I 750x300-aldershot-trees-and-bridgeshared this with Thatcher who was very quick to say, “That’s absolute garbage.” There is some low-income housing across from the Fortinos on Plains Road. There are families who love Burlington, but cannot afford the cost of a house; so therefore low-income housing is their best and only option.

Aldershot is one of several vibrant communities in Burlington.  The lakeside community around LaSalle Park is a beautiful part of Burlington’s natural splendor.



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