Art Attack

We’ve spoken to Public Art Coordinator Angela Paparizo several times over the years. Which there have been no complaints here over, as that means that Burlington’s Public Art program continues to grow.

This time round, the city has introduced an interactive map through which residents can see all the different public art installations around the city.

Walking into Tansley by Elena Espinoza

Walking into Tansley by Elena Espinoza

“Our hope is to continue to promote the Public Art program and encourage residents to explore the amazing artworks that can be found throughout the city,” says Paparizo. “What better way to explore Burlington than through the eyes of an artist?”

Art both big and small

Though some may not realize, the mural program is not the only public art throughout the

Vintage Burlington by Jason Diesbourg

Vintage Burlington by Jason Diesbourg

city. Some of the smaller installations may be found at Central Library or along the cycling trail that runs through the city.

“Our smaller installations are great ways to integrate public art into smaller parks and public places,” she says. “We hope that these programs will provide residents with the opportunity to connect with public art on a day to day basis and increase awareness.”

The mural program is Burlington’s most notable Public Art initiative. Local artists have been commissioned to install works of art throughout the city.  Two murals have recently been added near the Performing Arts Centre and Tansley Woods.

“We have had a wonderful response to the local artist mural project and plan to continue in 2017 and beyond,” says Paparizo.

Democratic Process

Part of the success of the Mural Program is the selection process. The public art jury is a unique concept created to  keep the community involved from start to finish. “The public art program assembles a different volunteer jury art project that we complete,” says Paparizo.

“In 2016 we had local residents, business owners, artists, and organizations involved in the following projects: Cultural Nodes, Burlington Mural Project and Spirit of Sport,” says Paparizo. “In 2017, we are looking for new jury members, to participate in a wide array of projects.” Apply to be a juror here.

There is much happening already in 2017. Projects like the Mosaic Mural project, on which new information will be released in early April are only the tip of the iceberg. Paparizo says her hope for 2017 is to continue to engage the community and make the spaces where we live, work and play into something beautiful.

To access the public art map, click here.

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