Attention Foodies: Culaccino Bar & Kitchen is here

There’s something about Culaccino that will make you feel right at home.

Culaccino is the new resident of the beautiful, round, windowed building on Brant.  It was only by chance that my wife and I stopped in; there was a wait at another restaurant so we started walking up the road and the beautiful lights caught our eye.

There's an amazing selection of craft beer!

There’s an amazing selection of craft beer!

The atmosphere screams after-work hangout.  If I were to try and classify it, I’d call it an ‘Italian Resto Bar.’ While the term resto bar can be basically understood as a combination of a restaurant and a bar, it goes beyond that.  A good resto bar, to this writer, meets two points. First, is that it serves dishes worthy of a fine dining restaurant. Second, is that you can still share those dishes with friends.

I’ll be bold and say that the pizza is pretty close to the best I’ve had in Burlington.  The secret is 00 flour; 00 means that it is ultra-fine, giving the crust a nice crispness while not becoming brittle.  They play around with unique bases too.  Instead of the traditional marinara sauce, they switch it up to something crazy like garlic oil.  It’s amazing how something as simple as that can totally change the pie! Their pizza game is on point; a selection of traditional favourites, as well as a new special every day.


Of course, any restaurant cranking out traditional Italian gnoccimust have some out of this world homemade pasta. I’m a sucker for a good gnocchi.  The soft, pillowy potato pasta is heaven on a plate.   They combine it with a flurry of sweet, earthy flavours from sweet potatoes.  To top it all off, the amazing crunch of walnuts.

Culaccino has the one-two punch you’d want in a restaurant.  Their beer menu is a whopping three pages long, and features the best in local craft beer! If you don’t have plans this Friday night, you will now!

They’re located at 527 Brant Street! It’s a must try for the adventurous foodie in you.

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