Burlington looks to expand Blue W program

***Feature Image is courtesy of bluew.org***

Healthy Kids Burlington wants you to fill up on the go!

As part of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s plan to improve physical activity and healthy eating, they’re encouraging business to join the Blue W program.

The Blue W program was created to promote water as an easily accessible alternative to sugar drinks.  Several refill stations have already been set up in a number of business and public spaces throughout the city.  You can access the map here.

This is just a small snapshot of a much larger map. As you can see there are already several blueW stations in Burlington. The program runs throughout much of the GTA.

“Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington is partnering with Blue W to help increase access to safe, clean drinking water that is a healthy, readily available alternative to sugar sweetened beverages,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Glenn in a recent news release.

Burlington is one of 45 communities that are taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Program.  Every nine months the program releases a new theme; the current theme is, ‘water does wonders.’  The city says that encouraging a healthy and greener city is a direction from the city’s 25 year strategic plan.

Anyone reading this, thinking their workplace would be a perfect place for Blue W, the process is simple.  Co-Project Lead Jen Spence says that there is no extra infrastructure needed.  No special refill station, work on plumbing or anything like that.  The business’s enrollment simply says that people can utilize their taps to refill their reusable bottles. All they need to do is put a Blue W decal in their window.

Though ‘water does wonders’ only lasts for nine months, but Spence hopes to see it continue.  Blue W operates independently from Healthy Kids Community Challenge.  After the nine month period applications are sent through them. She hopes that businesses will see this as an opportunity to show they are promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

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