Burlington Quiz: How well do you know your city?

Here’s a fun little time killer, full of arbitrary questions and interesting facts. I learned quite a few things putting it together, hopefully you can learn some good stuff, too. See how many you can answer without using the Googler.



  1. What is the significance of Freeman Station?
  2. What is the approximate population of Burlington?
  3. What is Burlington’s oldest church?
  4. What is the name of our Mayor?
  5. Burlington has 2 twin cities…name them.
  6. What is the nickname for the Teen Tour Band?
  7. In 1874, 2 villages became incorporated to form the Village of Burlington. Name them.
  8. In what year did Burlington become a city?
  9. Renowned artist Robert Bateman taught art (and geography) at which 2 high schools in Burlington?
  10. Which famous actor/comedian attended Aldershot High School?
  11. Which dreamy a-list actor attended Lester B Pearson High School?
  12. How large is the area of the Royal Botanical Gardens?
  13. How many golf courses do we have in Burlington?
  14. How much did the Pier cost to build?
  15. Where is the best spelunking to be found in Burlington?
  16. What is the Art Gallery of Burlington’s claim to fame?
  17. Approximately how many restaurants do we have in Burlington?
  18. What returns to the shores of LaSalle Park every winter?
  19. What was war chief Joseph Brant’s Mohawk name?
  20. In 1669, French explorer LaSalle landed where? (this one should be a freebie).
  21. What is the name of the free music festival held every year in June at Spencer Smith Park? (hint: Julie Andrews).
  22. We have 2 museums in Burlington. Name them.
  23. What is the name of the pedestrian marketplace in downtown Burlington, designed with the idea of a historic town square, with cobblestone walkways and great photo spots?
  24. Burlington entrepreneur Ron Foxcroft invented what device used in sporting events?
  25. Who once owned the property that the Paletta Mansion sits on today?



  1. Freeman Station is the old Burlington Junction Station of the Grand Trunk Railway from 1906!
  2. Guesstimates for 2017 put our population at just under 200 000.
  3. St Luke’s Anglican Church at 1382 Ontario St. was built in 1834.
  4. Rick Goldring.
  5. Apeldoorn, Netherlands and Itabashi, Japan.
  6. The Redcoats.
  7. Port Nelson and Wellington Square.
  8. 1974.
  9. Nelson High School (1958-1963; 1965-1969) and Lord Elgin High School…which was later renamed to Robert Bateman High School (1970-1976).
  10. Jim Carrey.
  11. Ryan Gosling.
  12. The RBG grounds cover a whopping 27 000 acres, including 27 kms of beautiful trails and tens of thousands of plants.
  13. Nine!!
  14. Nearly $15 million.
  15. Mt. Nemo has the best caves in town!
  16. The Art Gallery of Burlington houses the largest collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics in the world.
  17. We have over 300 restaurants in every flavour and style in this great city!
  18. The Trumpeter Swans. LaSalle is sheltered from harsh winter winds; these large birds winter with us every year!
  19. Thayendanegea. (He spelled it various ways, so no points off for spelling mistakes here).
  20. The area that is today’s Lasalle Park!
  21. The Sound of Music Festival!!
  22. The Joseph Brant Museum and Ireland House.
  23. The lovely Village Square.
  24. The “pealess” whistle…no more jamming.
  25. In 1806, Laura Secord was awarded the land in a lottery by the British government. She never lived there and there was no house on the property at the time of her ownership.                           


If you scored:

20-25: Wow! You are either a longtime resident of Burlington, or you cheated.

15-20: You did great! I Hope you learned some bonus fun facts to tell at parties.

I0-15: Pretty durn good! I’ll bet most people will score in this range. Me? I’m like Alex Trebek. I make like I know, but obviously I had to look most of this stuff up.

5-10: There is so much more to know about our fair city. Get on out there and explore!

0-5: You are clearly new to town. Welcome!


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