The Camisole Project: You Are Not Alone

Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that 1 in 9 women in Canada will develop in their lifetime. One in 29 will die from it. The fight is taxing between the surgery and chemotherapy. The Camisole Project was founded five years ago to help women in that fight.

Loss Turns to Purpose

“I’ve had a lot of Breast Cancer in my life,” said Project Founder Barb Daize. “My best friend had it, so it’s very close to my heart.” Speaking with me at an event last Thursday at the Purple Heather, Daize spoke about the growth of the project.  It began with giving away special camisoles that provide women with a little extra comfort following surgery.

“We give away a camisole and a heart shaped pillow,” she said. But it has grown, thanks in part to a local group known as the Divas. Together they partnered with the Wobbly Canvas to hold an event in support.  “Forty percent of the proceeds will go directly to the charity,” said Wobbly Canvas founder Veniessa Kiddey. Kiddey has always been very vocal and quick to provide her support to any local charity.  She commented this partnership came about when one of the Divas came in for a painting class.  The two connected and found themselves working together on an number of occasions.

There were nearly 60 people at the event. All painting eagerly along to Kiddey’s instruction; several of the Divas took part as well.

Divas for Change

The Divas are a group formed six years ago when Lynn Beechey and Sharon Jackman decided they wanted to give back to their community.  “We really wanted to did this,” said Beechey of their partnership.  Together they have raised a great a great deal and allowed the Camisole Project to grow further.

Cheers to helping people!

A new We Care Package includes a camisole, heart pillow, journal, baby wipes and socks.  “Anything to make them as comfortable as possible,” Daize said.

Having partnerships within a community like Burlington has proven a successful formula in the past; “I love holding hands with the community, you love holding hands with the community and now we have a great friendship,” Kiddey said to Daize and Beechey.

Check out the Divas at the website to learn more! If you’d like to learn more about the Camisole Project click here.

The Wobbly Canvas is a Paint and Sip company that’s perfect for your next party or night out! Read about them here.

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