Burlington Market Update – Is The Tide Changing?

Monthly Charts Other Statistics In 2016: 4,744 homes got listed in Burlington and only 3,952 were reposted as sold. That means only 83% of listed homes actually sold. In 2017...

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan – Will This Create The Market Crash We’ve Been Waiting...

Four Actions The Ontario Government Will Focus On: Actions to Address Demand for Housing Actions to Protect Renters Actions to Increase Housing Supply Other Actions to Protect...

Should Ontario Implement a Foreign Tax To Cool The Local Housing Market?

Video References: 1st Article: Foreign home buyers’ tax won’t be enough 2nd Article: Foreign home buyers love Toronto for the schools   Get Social With The Burlington Homes Team: Facebook: Website:  

Leverage and Debt is Driving the Real Estate Industry – March 2017 Market Update

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CMHC Will Hike Mortgage Insurance Premiums Starting March 17

As of March 17th, CMHC will charge mortgage holders significantly more every month to insure their loans. Anyone putting down less than 20% of the purchase price...

Should I Buy A Home First or Sell First? What About The Home Inspection?

Viewer Question: I enjoyed your latest video and it was so nice to see Lisa! Given the market, is it safe to say that if you own in Burlington...

Pre-Disaster Real Estate Report Now That Trump Hold All The Power

Trump’s in Power – What does this mean to the Burlington Real Estate Market? OK… take a deep breath. We’ll get through this together. Only 4 years left...

7 Biggest Misconceptions About Being a Real Estate Agent – Episode 41

I like homes so I’ll make a great real estate agent. We are all busy and make a lot of money. I see a lot of...

Burlington Market Update for April 2016 – Episode 22

SHOW NOTES: Average home prices in Burlington (month-to-month)  – 1:20 minute mark This month-to-month graph shows the average sale price in Burlington each month. The average sale price...

How To Win A Bidding War – Episode 21

SHOW NOTES: Use Real-Time MLS® Database  – 1:30 minute mark If you’re relying on 3rd arty website (ex: etc…) you’re not getting all the listing in real...