Coop: Tasty as Cluck

Anytime a downtown eatery shuts its doors it’s a real bummer. Sometimes buildings sit empty for a while before there’s any sign of someone new moving in. For whatever reason, the minute I see anything happening I have to know what it is right away.

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs!

Such was the case when the Rude Native shut its door a while back. I’d stroll down Brant Street and wonder when I was going to see some new faces moving in. One day, walking up from Spencer Smith I noticed a sign on the door. It said Coop Wicked Chicken. I hit the web and learned right then that Burlington was getting its own fried chicken joint.

So last Thursday I get of work early and my wife asks me what I want to do. I said let’s go to lunch, being the food lover I am. And let’s go to Coop. So off we went, my stomach grumbling in anticipation.

Now I’m not huge on fried chicken, but I can verify first hand that Coop lives up to its ‘Tasty as Cluck’ slogan. The 90s décor is awesome. Grungy, uncensored tunes come over the speakers; ‘this rocks,’ I thought. As we perused the menu we could hear the kitchen singing along to a tune by the band Sublime.

The menu at Coop is pretty straight forward. They offer seared, pulled or fried bird. This deliciousness takes many forms. Whether it be a sandwich, taco or straight up plate they have what you need. We started our meal with deep fried deviled eggs. I was cautiously optimistic about them, because let’s face it you don’t see them everyday! There were tangy and crispy, something I would get again. Next came their take on one of my favourites, chicken and waffles. Amazing crispy chicken, sitting on a fluffy waffle drizzled with burbon maple syrup and topped with a fried egg. The best fried chicken I’ve ever had by far.

There’s so much to try at Coop, I can’t wait to go back!

About the Author James Gike