Dinner Tonight?

It’s Saturday! How about we go for dinner tonight?

Mythos Greek Cuisine & Wine Bar will blow you away with tastes from the Mediterranean. Their unassuming façade in a strip mall on the south side of Fairview just west of Walkers give no sign of what awaits you behind its doors.

Clockwise from top: Tatziki, Melitzonasalata, and the Chef's Special

Clockwise from top: Tatziki, Melitzonasalata, and the Chef’s Special

You’re greeted by a cozy atmosphere that struck me as a quiet place to get away after a long week.  The staff treats you like family. But what took the cake was that the first person that comes to your table is Chef/Owner Andreas.  This personal touch sold me on Mythos before I opened my menu.

Being a wine bar is one thing, being a wine bar with a selection comprised mostly of Greek wines? That’s on another level.  Two thumbs up to their selection, it keeps the experience authentic.Greek cuisine is my favourite.  I have had some good and some bad, even sampled some of

Tell me that doesn't look delicious?

Tell me that doesn’t look delicious?

the most authentic in the country of its origin.  Mythos has been the closest to that I have ever had.  As I always do in places like Mythos I need to try a culinary staple.  So I went for the dip trio: tzatziki, a chef’s special and melitzanosalata. Tzatziki is a yogurt based dip mixed with dill and mint; and probably the most common Greek specialty sold in Canada. The stuff you find in your grocery store is often thick and heavy on the dill.  The made in-house tzatziki at Mythos is nothing like that.  It’s creamy and the mint flavour real comes through, making it the perfect dip for their succulent souvlaki.  Melitzanosalata quickly became a favourite of mine. The eggplant is the perfect offset to the salty olives.  I could have eaten it with a spoon!

mmmmm, Souvlaki!

mmmmm, Souvlaki!

For my main course I went with the sea bass.  Everything on the plate was like music to my ears.  The creamy lemon sauce tied everything together perfectly. It balanced the flavours of the dill and capers and made for an excellent bite with the rice pilaf.  My wife had the souvlaki.  As I mentioned above, it’s all about the staples. Mythos offers chicken, pork and lamb souvlaki; the chicken was tender, juicy and full of flavour.  For the not so adventurous foodie, it’s a great place to start!

Overall, I can say without a doubt that I buy into the hype surrounding Mythos.  It has continued to receive positive reviews after only a year of being open.  Try it tonight!

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