Exciting times in Aldershot

There’s a fierce sense of community in the Village of Aldershot.

“Anyone who comes from Aldershot will tell you they’re from Aldershot, not Burlington.” The words of Aldershot Business Improvement Association Executive Director Judy Worsley aren’t meant to stir the preverbal pot.  She is ultimately genuine when talking about her friends, family and neighbours in Burlington’s west-end community.

Developing for the Future

Worsley has lived in Aldershot for 34 years.  She’s seen the highs and lows of the community and speaks proudly of what’s on the horizon. “Everything on Plains Road is kicking into high gear,” she says. Worsely tells us that since Councillor, and major community supporter Rick Craven got the 403/Waterdown Road exchange running in both directions, large portions of land have opened up for development.


The suburban area between Plains Road and Northshore Boulevard is full of lush wooded areas and beautiful homes. But as has been the case for Burlington, the prices have soared. “Both my daughters ended up leaving Burlington because they couldn’t afford it,” says Worsley.  She recalls some 15-20 years ago when many began to move out of Aldershot and Burlington because it became just too expensive.

A rendering of ADI Developments' StationWest Condos at Waterdown Road and Plains

A rendering of ADI Developments’ StationWest Condos at Waterdown Road and Plains

Within the next month there will be close to 1000 units coming on-line, Worsley says.  These apartments and condominiums will add a much needed diversity of housing.  But there have already been big moments on the real estate market. ADI developments (you’ve seen them all over), sold out of their first phase (537 units) of three bedroom town homes. This diversity of housing is creating opportunities for millennials moving out of the city where the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment has risen 12.5% in 2016 according to Rentseeker.ca.

Much of the development has been around Aldershot GO which is the end of the Lakeshore West GO line. The station is an official transportation hub and is a main artery into Toronto.

Taking Pride in Helping your Neighbour

Real Estate and development aside, you should know that there is a growing number of not-for-profit groups that have been improving the community year after year. Those groups meet on a monthly basis with schools and churches to discuss what’s going on in the community. Worsley tells us that locally organized events are happening weekly, and residents are putting in their own time and money to beautify the community.

Happy faces at AlderFest! **Courtesy of Aldershot Village BIA Facebook**

Happy faces at AlderFest!
**Courtesy of Aldershot Village BIA Facebook**

This September was the second annual Alderfest.  The combined effort of the BIA, Adlershot Lions and Warwick Surrey Group brought nearly 300 people together for a free family fun event.

Worsley highlights the work that the Warwick Surrey Group has done. “Warwick Surrey used to have a bad rep, but now that rep is gone,” she says.  The group has worked with the largest rental community in the city, meeting once per month discuss its needs.  They bring that to Councillor Craven and try to work with the city in any way they can.

It’s a palpable sense of pride in this unique community; pride that is recognized through the Aldershot Honour Roll. “We’re going to be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year,” says Worsley.  The honour roll highlights the people who have a major impact in Aldershot.  They’ve honoured a number of former mayors as well as the late Dr Laking, founder of the RBG’s Laking garden.

There’s a lot more to Aldershot than meets the eye; stay tuned for more!

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