Fitness Disguised as Fun: Rockin Jump is here

The unassuming façade of Rockin Jump is nestled at the end of court in an area I had not yet visited in my nearly 19 years living in this city. Benson Court is just east of Appleby Line off of North Service Road. At its end lies Burlington’s newest family friendly attraction.

It’s fun, it’s affordable and it’s fitness. Rockin Jump surely checks off many parent’s boxes when planning a visit. When I first walked through the doors my jaw hit the floor. Having grown up in Burlington, I’m envious of the new generation as they seem to be getting everything I dreamt of in my childhood.

Oh did I mention that Rockin Jump is a trampoline park?

That’s right folks. Burlington has its very own trampoline park! “It’s fitness disguised as fun,” owner Manish Gosrani says. He and his wife have fallen in love with Burlington and are planning a move further west from the Oakville Border. They saw a need for this.

One of the first points I’d like to make even before we get into how a much fun it’ll be to spend hours bouncing is price. Burlington, often seen as a wealthier city by outsiders can see attractions inflate prices comparable to those in Downtown Toronto. But Gosrani says one of the first things they thought was, “We want to make this affordable.” They offer regular deals like BOGO Wednesdays (2 hours for the price of 1), a frequent jumper program and more. I can’t forget to mention that their base rates are already affordable. See for yourself here.

“I think there’s not been much in the sense of new attractions around here,” says Gosrani. He sees Rockin Jump not only as a business but a necessity. It gets kids away from their screens, he says. There is no, “nickel and dining here.” Once you pay that’s it. The rock climbing wall is free, the arcade machine is free every area is free. Gosrani wants nothing more than to provide kids and parents with a great place to get out.

Rockin Jump has what I would refer to as a trampoline field, balance beam battle area, two dodgeball courts (league is coming soon!) and two hoops for anyone wanting to express their inner Michael Jordan. One other thing you should know is that their snack bar fryer free. Yes. When Gosrani took me back there he showed me that although they serve your standard fare, it’s all oven made. Kudos Rockin Jump, kudos.

I’m counting the days until my first Jump. Are you?

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