Top 10 Reasons to Try MADabolic!


Q: Where in Burlington can you find people doing an Angry Gorilla Bounce, an Attacking Primate or Donkey Kicks?

A: At MADabolic Inc. Burlington, a brand new way to get fit in Burlington!

MADabolic Inc. Burlington has recently opened in Uptown Center at Appleby and Upper Middle. You can’t miss their bold logo and stunning signage as you hit the drive-thru on your next visit to the Starbucks in the plaza.

GM Ashley and Trainer Mike

GM Ashley and Trainer Mike

I recently had the chance to try out a few VIP classes before the first Canadian location of MADabolic officially opened to the public, and now I’m hooked.

Top 10 Reasons to Try (and love) MADabolic!

  1. You’ll sweat like crazy. Every time. It’s the good kind of sweating that makes you feel alive and empowered!
  2. Trainers that challenge you, encourage you, and make you believe that you can actually do this.
  3. Every single session is different. Some movements will be repeated in time, but there’s always something new and challenging. In 10 classes, I still have yet to experience all of the equipment and all of the movements.
  4. Boxing gloves and punching bags. Enough said.
  5. It’s killer workout every time (the good kind of killer!) and you will leave on an endorphin high!
  6. Fun equipment – medicine balls, battle ropes, kettle bells, sledgehammers, UltraSlide Slide Boards, rowers… and so much more.
  7. What’s not to love about movements called Angry Gorilla Bounce, Attacking Primate and Donkey Kicks?
  8. Discover muscles you didn’t know you had.
  9. The facility is super clean, organized and up-to-date.
  10. Amazing opening specials! You get a month of unlimited workouts for $98! There’s also a $10 for 10 days special – a no-brainer way to try out the MADness!

What is MADabolic?

MADabolic Inc. is an interval-driven strength and endurance program. Each workout is carefully structured to deliver a specific intensity and provide lasting results. Everything is predetermined and built to compliment any active lifestyle. The interval driven program is designed entirely around work-to-rest ratios providing an intense environment, scalable from client to client.

P1130301      P1130290

In other words, even newbies can work out alongside veterans, using different weights, and you’ll both get a fantastic workout. Each workout features one aspect of the MADness: Momentum, Anaerobic or Durability, offering plenty of variety.

  • Every movement and interval is carefully structured and has an exact place in the program. Nothing is random; each workout is 100% intentional and purpose driven.
  • Intensity is the goal, but must be specific to the interval. Strength is crucial, but must be relative to the movement. Variety is important, but must compliment the science of the program.
  • From everyday people to professional athletes, whatever the passion, MADabolic provides you with the strength and endurance to do it even better.

P1130296     P1130305

What to expect at MADabolic

You’ll receive a warm welcome from GM Ashley Mol or one of the MAD trainers, and an explanation of the day’s workout as the trainer walks you through the movements. You’ll try out the weights before you begin, you’ll warm up, and once the clock starts, it’s go time! You’ll give it everything you have for the rest of the class and then there’ll be plenty of high fives with the rest of the group when you’re done. And then, because you loved it so much, you’ll be back.


The MAD Mantra 

We are athletes, we are runners, we are parents, we are yogis. We are the weekend warriors. We like to move and we move often. We didn’t choose this, we are this. We were MAD before the MADness existed.

Connect with the MADness at:

Facebook: MADburlington
Twitter: @MADburlington
Instagram: MADabolic Inc.

With September just around the corner, it’s time to get back to your fitness routine – check out MADabolic Burlington for all the motivation you need!

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