Kelly’s Bake Shoppe – 2 Ladies With A Dream

Let me introduce you to two extremely amazing ladies – Kelly Childs (right), and her daughter Erinn Weatherbie (left).

I asked these ladies what they thought of each other

There’s only one word I can say that sums it up – “LOVE”. These ladies have such respect, admiration and love for one another. They truly share an incredible relationship that results in both of them looking up to the other. They do sometime tease each other with nicknames. Erinn calls Kelly, “Spicy” and Kelly calls Erinn “Calm”.

Who’s the Boss?

After they both pointed the at each other Kelly explained their business can’t possibly run with either of them being the only boss. They are a packaged deal. Their staff is just as important to the business as they are. Their philosophy is to manage people through love and kindness. They do admit being a leader is always work-in-progress but they have an understanding of when to step up and when to hold back utilizing each other’s strengths.

What is your favourite aspect of running a business?

Seeing a child with allergies eating a cupcake, a brownie or a sundae for the first time is their favourite part of running the bakery. Watching mom and dad cry because their child was able to enjoy a cupcake that normally they wouldn’t due to allergies.

The best seller?

Mile High Brownie and Triple Fudge Brownies.

The book: “Made With Love”.

They have plenty of copies at their location:

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe
Address: 401 Brant Street, Burlington Ontario L7R 2E9
Phone: 905-333-1400





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