Lululemon in Burlington’s Mapleview Mall Grand Opening!

The obvious question: When is Lululemon Athletica opening in Burlington’s Mapleview Mall?

Answer: August, 2nd, 2013! But wait! There’s more

Lululemon Grand Opening in Mapleview Mall Video

Lululemon’s Pre-Opening Yoga By The Pier,
July 31st 7p.m. – 10p.m.

Before Lululemon opens their doors in Burlington‘s own Mapleview Mall, they are hosting a complimentary yoga class, followed by some mix and mingle time over local food, refreshments and live music.

When: Wednesday July 31st, 2013
Where: At the base of the Brant Street Pier at Spencer Smith Park, (Downtown Burlington by the lake)
Time: 60 minute Yoga class starts at 7:00 p.m. (arrive early to get your spot)
Who: Yoga class led by Anwar Qureshi

Lululemon Gave Me a Sneak Peek

Alita LululemonIf you recall, I wrote a previous article about Lululemon coming to Mapleview Mall. Since then, has been visited thousands of times by people looking to get some information about the date for the grand opening of Lululemon.

The blog post eventually found its way to the front page of Google, where it caught the attention of the folks at Lululemon. This is where the story gets interesting.

After reading our story, Jonas Caruana, Community Connector with Lululemon, reached out to me and asked for a meeting. I know right? In my wildest dreams, I never imagined sitting down with someone from Lululemon over coffee discussing their new Mapleview Mall location.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about having the new store so close to me.  I am a very cautious shopper, and I’m known among my friends and family for always finding the most amazing deals.

However, Lululemon is the only store where I will spend full price on an item.  After having many of my pieces for over 5 years and putting them through weekly washes, they are still in like-new condition. I am A Realtor here in Burlington, but, I am also a national level fitness competitor, and I only wear Lululemon to train in.  Their clothing has proven to be a wonderful investment, and let’s face it, the colourful clothes are cute and make our butts look good. I am thrilled to have the store in Burlington for whenever I am in the mood for a little treat.

What Will The Store Look Like?

lululemon mapleviewThe Lululemon in Burlington will take on the look and feel of the beautiful city of Burlington. The exterior of the store is marine-inspired. The interior is also inspired by the Burlington lakefront: The harbour, Waterfront, and Spencer Smith Park.

Lululemon has 18 stores in the GTA. The new Burlington location will be one of the larger locations.

Wow! The company has really come a long way from one seamstress sitting in the corner sewing clothes in Vancouver while the models tried them on and gave feedback right there on the spot.

New Fabric Just Released!

Yes, Lululemon has announced a new fabric called: ‘Full On Luon‘. This fabric promises to be more tightly woven and more comfortable in stretch positions.  I definitely have to try this out.

How Can The Public Provide Feedback To Lululemon?

A new website was launched specifically to collect feedback. If you’d like to provide Lululemon with feedback on their clothes or if you have any suggestions on their styles, go here:

Lululemon Opens Its Doors in Burlington!

Alita lululemon burlingtonDon’t forget: The Lululemon at Mapleview Mall opens its doors to the public on August 2nd. I’ll be there for sure!


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