A new look for Nelson Pool

Things are going to look a little different at Nelson Pool in the coming months.

After an inspection prior to opening in the summer of 2015 revealed the tank structure was corroded beyond repair, the future of the popular outdoor pool was in question. The City surveyed 2000 residents and the demand was clear, they still wanted their pool.

“The city is replacing the outdoor pool at Nelson Park,” says Communications Rep Sharon Will. “ The new pool will be an eight lane, 50-metre pool with an ajoining beach entry leisure pool.”

As for funding the city is currently seeking out private sponsors. They are taking the same approach as they did with Haber Recreation Centre in Alton Village. The naming rights to the rec Centre were auctioned off and eventually purchased by the law firm Haber and Associates; they in 2013 agreed to pay the city 1.36 million over 20 years. The price tag for Nelson Pool, 4.2 million.

On July 4th City Council approved funding from the 2017 capital budget to begin construction that fall. Though there is no timetable for completion Will says everything is on track.

Keeping things up to Date

Nelson Pool was an extreme example of much needed repair. As many may know the city has been conducting regular maintenance work on a number of indoor and outdoor facilities in recent years.

“We are happy to say that all city pools, both indoors and outdoors, have seen significant renovation and revitalization over the past number of years,” Will says. “At present time all capital funds for pools focus on more general repairs and life cycle maintenance.”

With this talk about infrastructure repairs, many often fear the dreaded tax hike. But Will assures that the sale of naming rights has been, and will continue to the city’s model for private funding success.

About the Author James Gike