Now Open: Nature’s Emporium!

Organic, healthy, fresh; those words best describe Nature’s Emporium, Burlington’s newest health foods store.

A sensory experience

An overwhelming fresh smell greets you as you walk through the doors. It now occupies the space Zarky’s used to (Itabashi and Upper Middle).  To your right lay an array of brightly coloured fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and veg are hard to come by as larger grocers are seemingly shrinking the section every week.

They also have a full make your own salad bar filled with a ton of delectable fresh veg and fruit.  There are some special additions including freshly cooked salmon fillets! Behind that is a fresh food counter stocked full of freshly made delights.

Nature’s Emporium is perfect not only for anyone looking to make a healthy change in their life but those with dietary/health restrictions. They have a fully stocked section of vitamins and supplements with nutritionists close by to help.  You can even schedule a free tour with a holistic nutritionist.

There’s something for everyone there. Whether you’re there to get started on a new healthy lifestyle or just looking for a healthy snack, get in a give it a try!

About the Author James Gike