One More Time

**Cue ominous music**

It’s coming to the end of summer.  The kids are getting ready to head back to school, vacations are done and the days are getting cooler; I think now it’s time for one last hurrah.

Here are 5 things to do one last time this summer…

  1. One last day at the lake, finished off with ice cream at RC’s
Love the old-school decor!

Love the old-school decor!

The lakefront is beautiful.  Spencer Smith is a great place for a walk, picnic or throw the ball round.  The park and splash pad by Spencer’s are a great place for the kids.  RC’s is one of the most memorable places in downtown Burlington.  When I first moved here in ’98, I remember the first time we went downtown because we wound up at RC’s and my ice cream wound up on the floor.  Any who….great times!




  1. One last night out, ending with a burger at the Pit

Burlington’s nightlife can’t help but be complete without a visit to the Charcoal Pit. It’s on the corner of Lakeshore

Charcoal Pit

Great Food!

and Elizabeth.  They’re the “Burger Joint with Greek Specialties.”  Seriously, their burgers are amazing; but don’t skip the souvlaki!

  1. One last staycation at Bronte Creek

Bronte was named a provincial park and has been offering camping for a few years now.  It’s actually a great idea for a staycation. The park is so close to home but it feels like you’re miles away.  It’s a nice weekend away and the park has a ton of stuff to do!

  1. One last trip to Burlington Beach

beachBurlington Beach offers sand, sun and surf.  They have a rental service where you can rent all sorts of stuff to enjoy some time out on the water. We may turn our noses up at the thought of swimming in Lake Ontario, but I promise you won’t come out with a third arm!




  1. One last festival at Spencer Smith

Canada’s Largest Rib Fest is Labour Day weekend at Spencer Smith.  Ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, live frame6-300x220music and more.  This is a can’t miss event for the entire GTA.

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