Who is Street Boutique Canada?

Street boutique is a full-service Mobile Fashion Truck catering to women who are searching for quality fashions at affordable prices. Street Boutique is our Region’s first fashion-on- wheels retail shop.

The inventory will consist of dresses, casual dresses, sweaters, shirts, jeans, jewelry and accessories from prominent designers. The typical customer enjoys boutique fashions and wants a place where she can go to get trendy, fashionable clothing to meet her busy lifestyle.

The Customer Experience

For the customers convenience Street Boutique offers private shopping appointments, at-home sales parties and an online store. The boutique focuses on the complete intimate shopping experience that is comfortable, convenient, relaxed and pleasurable.

Their mission is to provide superior customer service that is responsive, informed and respectful.

A Bit of History

Street Boutique Canada started 2 years ago with its first truck located in London. Anne Marie, the original owner wanted to expand and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over the past year or so, Laurie, her 1st cousin, decided to join her. They tossed about various scenarios for joining the company and landed on a 50/50 partnership.

Contact: Street Boutique Canada – Burlington

Would you like to book the truck for a private party? An event? A girl’s night in? Or just for yourself? Here’s how you can get a hold of them:

Website: http://streetboutiquecanada.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StreetBoutiqueCanada
Email: laurie@streetboutiquecanada.com
Phone: 289-259-2599

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