Take an Adventure in Food!

Head out on a worldwide food adventure with Za and Zoey!

Book_Launch_copyThe book, written by Burlington resident Chef Patience Chirisa is set to launch February 28th at Chapters Burlington.  It features a number of different recipes created by Chirisa and her children.  Za (8) and Zoey (7) are a big part of Chirisa’s cooking, “They always love to cook and experiment with different foods,” Chirisa said.

Chirisa is Zimbabwean born, she moved to Canada 15 years ago.  She was originally living in Toronto but eventually landed in Burlington. “I love this city, there’s no better place to raise kids.” Chirisa became a chef three years ago; she has a cooking show on Rogers TV called Wine Dine Africa.  Her show has been her focus but now she says that the main focus is to promote her children through her book.

Chirisa explain that her book is not so much a cook book and not so much a storybook; it meets somewhere in the middle.  She recalls her children bringing home many books from school, most of which presented black children in a negative light. “They always show the children from single parent families, or living in housing projects,” she said.  Chirisa is not trying to make any sort of a political statement in releasing this book; all she wants is to create, “something positive for her kids.”

A Za and Zoey’s food adventures you through different parts of Africa, learning about local food and culture.  This was always important for Chirisa as she wanted to teach children about food as well as where it comes from

Chirisa finished the book in December and tested it out in stores in Hamilton over Christmas.  After success there she decided to bring the book to Burlington for Black History Month.  There are not many events in Burlington for Black History Month which is what motivated her to do so.

Chirisa sees big things in the future for her series.  She has been in talks with a handful of stations about creating a cartoon series featuring Za and Zoey.  The series would take them on a world tour of food and keep the same educational/entertaining style as her book.

Come out to her book launch February 28th and Chapter Burlington (Fairview Street and Cumberland)!

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