It’s Tea Time Burlington!

Another Public Art program is coming!

Artist Lisa Hirmer will be putting together a number of installations as research into Burlington’s cultural nodes. Cultural nodes are places where people can share an experience culture.

Hirmer’s first installation, Burlington Tea encourages residents to come share their experiences in our city. They’re then tasked with creating flavour of tea that best reflects their neighbourhood. How cool is that!

The installation will run February 25th, 26th and March 1st at the following locations:

February 25th
10am – Noon @Haber Recreation Centre and Norton Park

2pm – 4pm @Brant Hills Community Centre and Park
February 26th
10am – Noon @Tansley Woods Community Centre and Park

2pm – 4pm @Lowville Park
March 1st
1130am – 1pm @Civic Square/City Hall

“We’re very excited to have Lisa Hirmer help us define Burlington in a fun, intriguing, artistic and cultural way. Tea is a drink that spans across so many cultures. A cup of tea can break down barriers, start conversations or more simply, warms you physically and emotionally,” says Angela Paparizo, Manager in a recent news release.

The City has continued to expand its public art program in recent months. There have been more installations and initiatives than ever before. However if there is one criticism I have of it, it is that it doesn’t appeal to a younger generation of artists. Many of whom rely on smaller programs to get their names out.

With how far the art program has come there could be a renewed focus on young artists in the future.

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