Todd Smith of Firebhut Hot sauce

A long time ago, in a backyard not too far away..

​FIREBHUT began in Burlington Ontario in 2012 with a simple idea: keep it fresh and keep it simple.   

Todd started growing Bhut Jolokia peppers in the backyard, mixed in some fresh carrots, onion, garlic and wow, they were floored with the results! 

Todd’s six year old son came up with the name.  He knew that something with this much pep would make fire come out your Butt!   The ‘BHUT’ in FIREBHUT pays tribute to the Bhut Jolokia peppers they use.  Bhut means malevolent spirit.

Since then, Todd turned down the heat level, and struck the perfect balance between zing and flavour. 

FIREBHUT is still made in small batches of 300-400 bottles.  They use locally grown Bhut Jolokia peppers with no pesticides, and organically grown ingredients. There are no artificial perservatives or thickeners (so shake well).   

This is a fresh and tasty product unlike anything else.  Give it a try on BBQ Chicken, Tacos, Burgers or spice up your Caesar. You don’t just taste it on your tongue, you feel it in your jaw! 

​Is this one of those super hot gag sauces?

No. Firebhut is a sauce you can enjoy with your food any time. The flavour and perfect blend of heat makes it enjoyable to eat with just about anything.

Dinner Table Conversation at The Smith’s

Todd is not your typical Dad. He’s not one to have “regular” conversations at the dinner table. while almost every other family talk about how their day went, Todd teaches his kids the importance of business. You’ll have to listen to the podcast. All the juice details are there. Seriously, you have to listen to this part.

Are You A Restaurant Looking For Sauce?

Yes, Todd also partners with local restaurants for an incredible win-win solution. If your food needs a little zing, please contact Todd.

The Public

If you’re interested in sampling the sauce or grabbing a bottle or two (or 12) you can get your hands on Firebhut here…

Local Restaurants:

As of right now you can try Firebhut at:

D Hott Shoppe
Pita Republic Restaurant
Firehouse subs
Nature’s Emporium

Contact Firebhut:




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