Village Cigar Company & Barbershop has expanded!

Whenever a local business has room to grow we at Burlington Lifestyle want you to know about it.  It’s important to us that you, the public are aware of what your support can do for local business owners.

Village Cigar Company & Barbershop was the first local business I visited back in July.  They started out as a licensed tobacconist who prided themselves on their VCB3selection of some of the best cigars out there as well as a large selection of gentlemanly accoutrement. As business began to pick up for co – owners Jerry and Ryan they started a barber service that ran every other Sunday.  A guest barber was brought in to provide an authentic barber’s haircut and traditional straight shave.  This part of their business soon picked up and Jerry and Ryan need to fill a growing demand.

“Now was the time to expand,” said Jerry. “Our barber business has gone from two days a month, to three days a week, to booked solid seven days a week.” There were only two chairs in the cigar shop prior to the expansion; the decision was made to move one into a new space behind the shop in the Village Square.

VCB7“We’ve now expanded into a second space and put in 4 chairs,” said Jerry. “We didn’t want to take away from the atmosphere in the cigar shop so that we can still provide customers with the same experience as before.”

An abundance of walk – in clients has also prompted the expansion Jerry commented.

As well as their expansion into their second space and full re – branding into Village Cigar & Barbershop, there will also be new products added to their selection of gentlemanly accoutrement.

“We are going to become the only licensed distributor in Burlington of Red Wing’s Heritage boots,” said Jerry.  These boots are handmade in Red Wing, Michigan and have been around for 100 years. There will also be another addition, for which the specifics have not been announced.

“We are going to be bringing in two brands of watches,” Jerry said. “We are not releasing the names as of yet.”

Village Cigar & Barbershop is a must see for any cigar lover, and now anyone looking for an authentic barbershop. Their fine selection of cigars and cigarillos is housed in a 100 – square foot humidor, one of the country’s largest.  The humidor is home to over 60 brands of cigars and cigarillos.

Jerry and Ryan are very passionate about what they do.  They both were pursuing careers elsewhere when they decided to open up the shop, which has now become their second home.

“When we’re here, we’re home. When we’re not, we want to be,” said Jerry when we first spoke in July.

They bring that positive attitude to their shop every day.  The two self – proclaimed cigar aficionados have built a successful business.  When they first opened their doors in July of 2012, there were no shops like theirs in the city.  They brought not only their product, but a lifestyle into their business.

The shop has been busy since day 1

The shop has been busy since day 1!

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